Who Knows Content Better than the Tribune?

Branded Content is advertising without advertising. Similar to product placement in high-budget movies — which creates an association between the film and the brand of soda the hero drinks, for example — branded content relies of the inherent information or entertainment strength of the content—in our case, online content—to promote your product or service.

It’s a fundamental digital truth— when a piece of content goes viral, it’s because the people who forward it to their online communities found it useful or entertaining.

Customers are motivated by authoritative, relevant content that benefits them. Branded Content enables customers and prospects to interact with your company on the deeper level of personal interest.

435 Digital’s Branded Content service brings together all of the components necessary to create successful content-drive campaigns. Using your existing content — or custom-developed content on topics relevant to your buying audience — 435 Digital populates respected websites that your customers already know, trust, and use regularly. The lifestyle websites that will carry your content have reputations as content authorities and are thematically aligned with your brand.

A 435 Digital Branded Content campaign can increase traffic to your website, position you as a subject matter expert, elevate your search rankings, and improve your social media results when consumers share your content.

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