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Review of WebMeUp.com SEO Software

WebMeUp.com is an all-in-one, do-it-yourself SEO tool, much like RavenTools. You create an account, under which you can manage several “projects,” or websites, and it does lots of things for you like check your on-page and technical optimization, track chosen keywords, show you your back links, help you with keyword research, and compare your progress […]

20 Tips to Improve your SEO

SEO can seem like a losing battle during some stages of the process, but there are quick ways to boost SEO without spending hours hunched over the computer. 435 Digital has compiled a list of tips that will improve search engine optimization. Check them out, and feel free to add your favorite tactics in the […]

SEO Seminar Recap: What You Missed

SEO Seminar

I recently had the opportunity to take my knowledge of digital marketing to the next level by attending the Introduction to Digital Marketing seminar hosted by 312 Digital on January 22nd. 435 Digital’s SEO Director, Carolyn Shelby, presented the SEO portion of the seminar and passed on some of her expert knowledge to digital marketers […]