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Introduction to Digital Marketing Class

Carolyn Shelby

If you’ve been looking ahead to next year’s marketing goals and think that it’s probably time that you focused some energy on digital marketing (hint: It’s been time for several years now), we have some good news for you. 435 Digital’s SEO Director, Carolyn Shelby, will be teaching the Search Engine Optimization portion of an upcoming […]

SEO Terminology Explained: SERP

Seo terminology explained serp

SERP, or SERPS, stands for Search Engine Results Page or Pages. Essentially, a SERP is the web page that is displayed when you search for something in Google your favorite search engine. These results pages typically consist of at least 2 types of results, typically paid search results, and organic results. Here is a beautifully […]

SES 2012: Meaningful SEO Performance Metrics

Aaron Friedman, SEO Manager for Spark moderated this panel featuring Ryan Jones, SEO Manager of Sapient and Chris Keating, VP, SEO and Conversion Optimization at Performics. Ryan talked about the importance of goals. He suggested measuring what makes sense, not just things that are measurable. He defined the following as viable SEO goals: Sales Leads […]