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Looking for an Easier Method of Attracting Reviews to your Google Plus Local Page?

When I worked as an in-house SEO I had trouble getting clients over to various review platforms. Although clients were happy with our services, they had trouble tracking down review sites and rating our business. We tried coupons, begging, extortion, and came pretty close to kidnapping.  We finally resorted to emailing direct links straight to […]

SEO Link Building Tips

Linkbuilding meme

Smart, sustainable, white hat link building should be a primary concern of all results driven SEOs. Since white hat link building involves more networking and email communication skills than it does technical SEO ability, I find it to be a great task for beginning SEOs and motivated small business owners. This post will contain one of […]

Website Traffic as a KPI: Pros and Cons

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Our last edition of “What’s Your (SEO) KPI?” focused on why “Search Rankings are a Terrible Performance Indicator.” This week, we will be discussing the pros and cons of using overall website traffic as a measure of your site’s key performance indicator (KPI). “Traffic,” in general, means the number of people that are visiting your […]