Rebecca Heithoff


How’d you get to where you are today?

As a high school student writing movie reviews for my hometown newspaper, I dreamed of living and working in Chicago. After graduation I turned that dream into reality and began preparing for my career at Loyola University Chicago. In my studies at Loyola, my interest in writing morphed into a passion for marketing. Before working at 435 Digital I worked for the Detroit Tigers in partnership with Detroit Free Press Newspapers In Education Michigan K.I.D.S., Detroit Pistons and Detroit Shock, Chicago Cultural Center, author Amy Tara Koch and Enterprise Holdings.

What is your favorite YouTube video?

Hey! Get your pants off the ground!

Who is your favorite person to follow on Twitter and why?

@ebertchicago was always my go-to for all things movies and I will miss Roger’s presence on my feed! Now I would have to say my favorite is @ThePoke for “time well wasted”.

What is your favorite thing about Chicago?

I fell in love with Chicago on my first visit as an 8th grade student because of its cultural variety. I love finding new ways to challenge myself, whether it be learning how to play guitar or running a new race, and Chicago offers endless opportunities to explore new things.

Twitter/LinkedIn Info

Twitter: @OverpricedPopcn

What do you love about your role as a Paid Search Specialist at 435 Digital?

I love that paid search is constantly evolving so I get to be a part of creating new solutions for our clients as the industry changes. Also, I am very fortunate to work with a team of incredibly sharp and interesting people that I get to learn from every day.