Joan Daluga


How’d you get to where you are today, working at 435 Digital?

After graduating from Indiana University, I had an opportunity to get in on the creation of a social media department at a major entertainment company. We took a start-up social media department and built it into a successful and profitable marketing division. I heard about the social media position at 435 Digital and jumped at a chance to work at one of the largest media companies in the heart of Chicago.

What is your favorite YouTube video?

Love this kid.

Who is your favorite person to follow on Twitter and why?

Whitney Cummings (@whitneycummings) because she is comical.

What is your favorite thing about Chicago?

I love the energy of the city, and the unlimited options to explore new places and new activities.

Twitter/LinkedIn Info

Twitter: @joanie118

What do you love about your role as a Social Media Consultant at 435 Digital?

What I love most about my role at 435 Digital as a Social Media Specialist is the instant gratification. I can post something to social media and immediately know if it was a success (The beauty of the ‘Like’ button). I love working with such a talented group of people and being able to show my creativity to help our clients.