Chris Mason


How’d you get to where you are today, working at 435 Digital?

I moved to Indianapolis after graduating from Anderson University, I started working in logistics for a 3PL but wanted to direct my career back into advertising. After living in Indianapolis for a year, I wanted to move back to Chicago and in 2013; I began my career as a Digital Sales Representative for 435 Digital.

What is your favorite YouTube video?

Anytime I get to watch Michael Jordan’s highlights I get goose bumps. Not only was he the greatest player to play the game but he changed branding and forever celebrity endorsements.

Who is your favorite person to follow on Twitter and why?

@SeinfeldToday is my favorite twitter account because it brings one of the greatest television shows of all time that was about nothing back to life presenting current irrelevant issues.

What is your favorite thing about Chicago?

By far my favorite thing other than Chicago sports is the obscene amount of amazing food all over the city; particularly the deep dish pizza as well as the late night cuisine.

Twitter/LinkedIn Info

Twitter: @chrismason269

What do you love about your role as a Digital Marketing Consultantat 435 Digital?

Some of my favorite things about being a Digital Marketing Consultant are the relationships I get to cultivate with SMB owners along with the immediate and long term impact I have on their business.