Carly Keenan


Carly Keenan

How’d you get to where you are today, working at 435 Digital?

My first job in Chicago was in advertising at a couple radio stations which gave me a good taste of how fun it is to work in media. After a couple years I joined the cross-media team at Tribune Media Group working with Tribune’s impressive advertising teams and great portfolio of media channels. After a little while with TMG, I jumped at the chance to help launch 435 Digital. I quickly learned that working with the talented digital team that has now become 435 Digital is the only place to be!

What is your favorite YouTube video?

There are way too many. So, I am going to go with one that recently made me Stop, Think and say… Wow: ‘A Day Made of Glass… Made Possible by Corning’ And for the social media geek in me, it’s: ‘Foursquare Cops’

Who is your favorite person to follow on Twitter and why?

I really like a good pop-up parody handle (i.e. @jfkturtles, @BronxZoosCobra or @MayorEmanuel). I also follow a lot of Chicago restaurants and bars to see how they are taking advantage of Twitter and that’s always fun.

What is your favorite thing about Chicago?

Everything. The food, the lifestyle, the amazing architecture, the different neighborhoods and the beautiful shoreline. But, the food may take the cake. We are really Lucky to have some of the best, award-winning restaurants in the world just steps away at any given time. You could never hit them all… Just when you think you might be close, 10 new spots open up.

Twitter/LinkedIn Info

Twitter: @carlykeenan

What do you love about your role as an Account Manager at 435 Digital?

I have been at 435 since the beginning so I have had the unique experience of wearing a few different hats over the past couple years. I really love the account management side of things because I get to be hands on with our clients and campaigns from day one. Some of our campaigns incorporate multiple areas of our services so it is really important to have one person who has a good grasp on what is going on across the board while maintaining the expectations and good relationship with the client.