Alex Bruner


How’d you get to where you are today, working at 435 Digital?

I’d worked in the trenches as an in-house SEO and for 2 SEO agencies before being offered a position as an SEO contractor at 435. I enjoyed my work with the team so much as a contractor, I jumped at the chance to move from my hometown of Bellingham, Washington and take up a desk at 435 Digital.

What is your favorite YouTube video?

Favorite Youtube Video is a tough question, but I have one that comes to mind as my most watched. I watch this about a hundred times every Christmas.

Who is your favorite person to follow on Twitter and why?

I like to follow @DanaWhite President of the UFC. As a millioniare atheletics promoter he could simply sit back and have interns do most of his work, including discussions and arguments with fans. Dana is well known for his dedication to the sport of MMA, and is very outspoken on the subject. There are some great arguments on his feed, and he also does some great things for fans, flying them to events, gifting free tickets etc.

What is your favorite thing about Chicago?

My favorite thing about Chicago thus far has been the friends I’ve made at Shinobi MMA. Great people there, great instruction, and after classes  we’ve gone out for some of the best food that Chicago and the ‘burbs have to offer. I enjoy following the social media posts coming out of Naperville Boxing and Fitness as this helps me keep on top of my fitness. I also enjoy getting to meet new and exciting people and following the thriving style and music scene in Chicago. Back in the small town I worked out of initially we were much farther away from cultural movers and shakers, this has been a thrilling move.

Twitter/LinkedIn Info

Twitter: @alexanderbruner

What do you love about your role as a SEO Specialist at 435 Digital?

I love the variety of work associated with being an SEO specialist at 435 Digtal. We have great clients from many niches. Custom tailoring advice to each of them can sometimes be difficult, but it’s always rewarding. Having the opportunity to work at the Tribune Tower for a company with such a rich history is also one of the aspects of my job I love.