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UpCity: an SEO tool for Businesses

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It’s no secret that 435 Digital loves UpCity for completing everyday SEO tasks. Typically, when somebody on our team references “claiming local listings” I pretend to be very busy and unavailable, but UpCity actually makes this kind of work a little less mundane. It also stores it all in one place — as an SEO, this is awesome. I’ll go through the ins and outs of UpCity in this review and highlight some of our favorite aspects of the software.

What is UpCity?

UpCity is the go-to software for small businesses who need help building an online presence. At 435 Digital, we use this tool for all of our clients who need help with establishing or optimizing their onsite and local SEO. An easy to use interface, UpCity has everything in one place. To make things interactive, UpCity has a point system, letting business owners and other users rack up points as they complete tasks. Can anyone say office competitions? (I usually win).

upcity 1More or less, UpCity is a do-it-yourself SEO tool, and we find that it’s an effective way to get a personalized plan of action for each client we represent.

How it works

Once you’ve decided to use UpCity for your business or your clients, the software will help you get started by getting a little more information about your business. Let’s call this the “getting to know you stage.” You’ll get a chance to add in your competitors, top keywords and business categories so that the tool can populate reporting metrics as you go along. You’ll also be able to specify if your business is locally targeted as well as what kind of CMS your site is built through. This will be helpful in personalizing your UpCity experience. The information you provide will help the tool configure various tasks such as which keywords to target on your landing pages or which companies to contact for link building purposes. Pretty cool stuff.

The Dashboard


Your personalized Dashboard is the next part of your UpCity experience. You’ll get frequently updated SEO metrics, rankings and total number of backlinks your company has acquired. Also on hand are alerts for your organic rankings based on the keywords you’ve been targeting as well as a variety of blog posts to help you stay on top of the latest digital marketing news. Need expert advice? UpCity has you covered. Hit the “Ask an Expert” button and you’ll be transferred to a magical portal of experienced marketing professionals that can answer your questions. At the bottom of your Dashboard is your “Progress Overview” which is a great transition to the next part of the software….







This is where you come in. UpCity lays out step-by-step tasks for increasing your organic search traffic and it’s your job to complete them (unless you don’t feel like it…UpCity has something in the works for you, too). Tasks are arranged in different categories:

  • Optimize your Presence (claiming local listings, establishing different social pages)
  • Manage your Reputation (endorsements, gathering reviews from customers)
  • Become an Authority (blogging, networking, business sharing)
  • Convert (call to action, contact forms and Google Analytics Goals)
  • Retain and Grow (how to keep the customers you already have)

Each of these larger groups has a number of different tasks to complete. You can mark them as “completed,” “on hold,” “rejected” or “open” depending on the status of the task. If you don’t know what a certain task entails, UpCity has a speical “About” and “How-to” that will help you along your way. Need to remember passwords, special notes or any other info regarding certain tasks? UpCity has a special note section for these types of things. Once you’ve checked off a task, you’ll be rewarded with points. Score.

Report Summaries

report card

UpCity creates a personal “SEO Report Card” that lets you or your clients digest what you’ve been up to. It provides an easy-to-read interface with rankings, trust metrics, indexing and linkbuilding to show what you’ve accomplished vs. what you need to improve upon. It’s a great option to present to clients (you can include your brand logo on the reports as an added bonus) or save for yourself to track business progress throughout the year.





  • Incorrect directory listings show up on the task interface allowing you to easily claim and correct them.
  • Some tasks that have been marked as “completed” get a warning if UpCity does not detect them as completed.
  • You can track points by day or week.
  • Option for adding multiple campaigns depending on your plan.
  • UpCity offers a 7-day free trial

Pricing Plans

pricing upcity

There’s something for every business size and the prices are pretty reasonable. Anyone else have tools that you use for building organic traffic? Let us know in the comment section.

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  • danolson97

    Laura – thanks for the great write up on your experience with our software! Much appreciated.

    • Laura

      Thanks for your comment, Dan! We’ve had a great experience with UpCity

  • Seo Service

    Anirban Pathak
    - thanks for the great write up on your experience with our software! Much

  • Every Small Business

    Worst SEO company I’ve ever dealt with. Horrible customer service. No refunds on work not completed. 0/10

    • UpCity

      Could you elaborate on the situation?