Whose digital strategy should we profile each week?

Chicago is brimming with business that “get” the web.

In last week’s post, 10 Chicago businesses you must follow, we touched just the tip of the iceberg.  Starting this week, we will profile local businesses whose digital strategy stands out.  We’ll find out what worked, what didn’t work and what lessons you can apply to your own digital strategy.

Know a business that deserves to be profiled? Great, let us know in the comments below or via email.  We’ll be sure to add your recommendation to our list.

-Tracy Samantha Schmidt

  • Cynthia Ward

    You should follow threadless”s social media strategy.

    Cynthia Ward

  • Stephen Brown

    Cynthia Ward is right – Threadless really gets social media

  • Danielle Kizaire

    Threadless has social media tagged and working.

  • Phillip Rupert

    I really like Threadless’s social media strategy. You should really take a look at them.

  • http://southloopconnection.blogspot.com/ stephen reginald

    I would like to see a profile on threadless.

  • http://robinbrikbooker.blogspot.com Robin Booker

    I would like to vote for Threadless! They are the most innovative and cutting edge when it comes to using social media

  • http://www.raisethemwell.wordpress.com Edye Deloch-Hughes

    Threadless has an awesome social media strategy. Cool T-shirts too. They get my vote.

  • judy

    Tonini’s Italian market does a great job on Facebook with daily giveaways and other specials. They really have a great dialogue going on with their customers online. Yes, they are small (and in Berwyn) and maybe not social media innovators – but I am impressed how they use a Facebook to their advantage –and their customers! It’s pretty easy to win a fantastic meal, and I always end up buying a lot of stuff there when I win.

  • Clement Aguilar

    Threadless is my choice. They are awesome.